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The Artist-run space focus on art courses/community to examine the relation between Art and Wellness to foster social inclusion and sustainable development.

The spirit of ARTHaus is an experimental base learning. We learn ideas from inquisitive, unconventional and experimental play with extensive academic research in contemporary art practices and museum education. We express ourselves through drawings and collages, we make sound arts and robots, we do paintings and sculptures, and we learn the process of design and mixed media. Above all, we understand our strengths and weaknesses throughout the creative learning method.

ARTHaus nurture children's creativity, critical thinking, sensation, observation, and visualisation throughout diversity practice. ARTHaus supports children in their analytical, communication and collaboration skills. Discover children's multiple intelligence in their early stages.

ARTHaus also is a stepping stone for those who want to understand and explore the art world and, most importantly, discover their own interest and strengths before enrolling in any Fine Arts degree. 

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